How can Fleet Management Solutions (FMS) Help Empower your Logistics Business?

Date : 7 Oct 2015

logistics How can Fleet Management Solutions (FMS) Help Empower your Logistics Business?

The logistics industry has been experiencing exponential growth and one of the main reasons for this boom is the increase in buying capacity of consumers. The business landscape is highly unstable. Lot of factors can either contribute to or impact the success of a business. So it is only natural for people to explore business opportunities across various domains. As the scope of a particular business broadens, there arises a need for reliable logistics service providers. Although there is a huge demand for logistics services, not every company succeeds in tackling the mounting challenges. Fleet operators usually operate on razor thin margins need technology driven solutions to efficiently run business operations and maximize revenue, while keeping their customers happy.

High Fuel Prices-The Unending Woe:Regardless of the industry, the skyrocketing prices affect all business operations. Fleet operators get affected the most because the rise in prices can cause a ripple effect and severely affect smooth operations and revenue. Logistics service providers are constantly trying to find ways to curb the fuel expenditure and overall operating costs.  Deploying a Fleet Management Solution (FMS) can help fleet managers trim fuel costs. Such an advanced solution can also offer insights into how much fuel is being used for a particular trip. Getting more mileage depends on how efficiently the vehicle is being driven. The solution will help operators monitor engine idling time, acceleration, fuel consumption, and driving patterns, thereby offering them a chance to take appropriate actions to ensure fuel economy.

Driver Behaviour:

For any business, an efficient workforce is needed to effortlessly run operations. In the logistics space, the performance of your fleet depends on how effectively the drivers handle the vehicles. Rash driving can lead to excessive consumption of fuel and can result in wear and tear of the vehicle parts. This will result in a fleet owner spending more on maintenance. With the help of a fleet management system, operators can get a better understanding of the driver behaviour and how safely the vehicles are being handled. These insights, in turn can be used to educate drivers on safe driving patterns.

Delivery Status:

Customers demand greater visibility into the supply chain functions. They want live updates of where their goods are, estimated time of departure of cargo, ETA, and delivery status. With a leading-edge Fleet Management Solution, fleet operators can keep their clients well-informed. Using a smart solution, fleet operators can pinpoint the exact position and location of the vehicle. In addition, immediate alerts and notifications on accidents, incidents and other unforeseen delays sent can significantly reduce response time. A fleet management system will help fleet operators or managers in the control centre to take quicker actions and ensure the cargo and the vehicle is safe. By keeping customers updated at all times through SMS and mails, fleet management solutions help logistics service providers deliver reliable and exceptional customer service.

Although there is no denying that the need for logistics services is pretty high, fleet operators simply cannot ignore the complex challenges they have to overcome in order to fulfil customer requirements and deliver excellent service consistently. Flexible and scalable Fleet Management Solutions, equipped with advanced features can help fleet operators obtain greater insights into their business operations by monitoring crucial parameters at all times, accomplish business objectives, cut down fuel and maintenance costs, build an efficient workforce, cultivate solid relationship with clients and gain significant ROI .

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