How will telematics solution change your Logistics fleet business?

Date : 23 Dec 2015

road final 300x168 How will telematics solution change your Logistics fleet business?

What is Telematics and how can it change my business?? Is the most common question which arises in the minds of business owners and fleet managers. Telematics may be quite new, but the use of telematics in business have actually changed the fleet industry for the better.

a) 24/7 vehicle and employee tracking: keeps your business on track 24/7 by letting you track your vehicles location and employees using them. You can easily track the vehicle usage data on how long a vehicle stayed in a location, alerts you while the employee drives the vehicle to the location which he is not supposed to. This prevents any employee from using the vehicle for his personal needs which leads to business loss. This also increases employee productivity by reducing idle time.

b) Helps your business to monitor your driver constantly: Telematics enables you to monitor your driver’s behavior on over speeding, excessive braking, idling time preventing damages to vehicles and to the inventory being transported.

C) Reduces manual workload and increases employee productivity: The most difficult and time consuming job in fleet business is to call the driver every time and finding out whereabouts of the fleet. Most of the time driver doesn’t even answer phone calls and puts fleet managers in trouble. Telematics solutions gives real time location of the fleet and also clearly indicates the route used by the fleet. This easily helps to save atlest 50% of manager’s time and allows him to use this time productively.

d) Saves idle time and fuel cost: With the increasing fuel cost every now and then, it’s a very wise to keep a track on fuel cost of every fleet business. Telematics helps to reduce the amount of fuel consumption by eliminating speeding, harsh braking and reducing idling time.

e) Improves maintence and safety awareness: Proper fleet maintenance reduces maintenance cost. Telematics alerts drivers and fleet managers to eliminate the delay of vehicle service by providing timely reports to analyze fleet maintenance problems and schedule the repairs timely to prevent repair cost and sudden breakdowns while the fleet is on job. Improved maintenance gives long life of the vehicles.

Telematics is a must for any Logistics business that wants to operate more efficiently. If Telematics solution is properly implemented it can save money, time and also helps you serve your customers better changing your business for better.