Must know tips while considering Fleet Management solutions for your business.

Date : 9 Dec 2015

modified123 300x146 Must know tips while considering Fleet Management solutions for your business.

In today’s competitive business world, your company’s performance depends on its ability to maximize investing in right efficiency and reducing cost. Investing in the right FMS (Fleet Management Solutions) will make your company gain more profit and productive. There are many things to consider while choosing a FMS for your business. Here are the must tips to consider choosing FMS to fulfill your business needs.

1. Choose the solution which fits your business needs: Make sure your list includes top 5 features you want to implement to improve your business. It is important for your business to set expectation from FMS like reducing idle time by 10%, reducing fuel cost by 5% and 100% overview of your fleet to make your business more efficient and profitable. You need to evaluate carefully and finalize the solution which suits your business needs.

2. Reliability and uptime: Be sure that the FMS you choose is reliable and all the data provided are reliable too. You need a reliable and uptime partner to provide useful data or information on fleet whenever you want. Talk to the present customers of your telematics partner and ask them if the data provided by them is reliable and consistent. Go ahead with the telematics partner only if you get a good review from their present customers.

3. All in one solution: The fleet manager needs to evaluate all that needed for the business to run efficiently and find a telematics provider that has all the solutions needed. Also look for a FMS partner whose solution can be modified easily in future to match the business needs. It’s also critical to select a solution that can be tailored to meet specific requirements while needed.

4. Take a trial exercise before signing the contract: Get a clear idea on how the solution works and you will know if it’s innate for your business or not. Take a live trial of the solution installing it to your fleet and check if the data is accurate on vehicle location, alerts, vehicle history, route optimization, delivery status and other related data.

5. Good customer service and training post implementation of solution: Make sure your Fleet Management Company treat you like a partner rather than a client and choose the one which has track records with good customer service. Proper training of using solution is a must while you choose a FMS. Look for a FMS who will schedule training sessions according to your need. You must make sure to choose a Telematics partner who responds immediately to your call and resolves issues quickly.

6. Look who their customers are: Make sure to know their customers and the years they have been associated with. If you see they have customers who has big brand names and have been associate with them for many years that is the positive sign to trust them and go ahead finalizing them as your Telematics partner.

7. Choose solution which fits your large fleet needs in future: Every business has the goal to grow their business in future. Likewise, even your goal is to increase your fleet business. As your business grows, your number of fleet also grows. So make sure, you look for a Telematics partner who is capable and can handle your large fleet needs in future without reducing efficiency.

There is no shortage of telematics providers today, it’s important for you to carefully understand the differences and choose the system which doesn’t fall shortage in fulfilling your present and future business needs. It’s very important to be careful and use considerate approach to select a Fleet Management Solutions partner. Deciding on the valid factors mentioned above will ensure you have found the right solution making informed decision and you will make most of it to improve your fleet business.