Why should you use a Telematics Service in the Logistics Industry?

Date : 16 Sep 2015

TELEMATICS Why should you use a Telematics Service in the Logistics Industry?

Telematics is not just about tracking of vehicles. Telematics powered fleet management solutions offer a number of smart features that the logistics domain can use to empower their business. Fleet management solutions provide the logistics industry with accurate information on location, tracking, route, fuel level, engine idling, delivery status of goods and timely alerts for crucial parameters including over speeding, unscheduled diversions, accidents and incidents, maintenance status, and improper driver behaviour.

Helps logistics industry get more control over business:

Getting more control over your business starts with knowing the whereabouts of your fleet and driver. It is also vital to get insights into driver behaviour. Fleet Management Solutions (FMS) allow fleet managers in the logistics business to track and monitor the exact location of a vehicle and driver. It will also send alerts on critical functions such as harsh breaking, over speeding, uncharted diversions vehicle theft, accidents, and other emergency situations. This helps avoid unnecessary repair cost,   take proactive actions and also protect your goods from damages and theft. Moreover, FMS enables you to easily track inefficient driver management, unproductive vehicle utilization and gain better control of your business.

Reduces cost to improve your business:

Cost reduction is the business mantra for every successful business. Fleet Management Solutions alerts you on over speeding, breaking, excessive idling, unauthorised vehicle use, longer routes and regular maintenance enabling you to take preventive steps to reduce the idle duration, maintenance cost and fuel cost. Routing plays a major role in fuel usage.  Providing drivers with efficient routes can make a real difference in reducing fuel costs and also in improving delivery schedule.  FMS offers you an in-depth understanding of driver behaviour. Using this understanding you can train your driver on safety driving patterns. This in turn, will prevent   unnecessary vehicle idling, save fuel cost and reduce frequent usage of vehicle insurance. To maximize profits, it is also essential to monitor your fuel and maintenance costs.

Fleet Management Solutions keep track of your vehicles’ preventive maintenance schedule which can reduce costs by protecting against unnecessary damage through wear and tear. Vehicles serviced on a regular basis are more fuel efficient and offer enhanced performance.

Improves vehicle, driver and goods safety:

Safety is the key concern for every fleet owner in the logistics business. Safety and security of the drivers, vehicle movement and goods being transported can be easily monitored through efficient Fleet Management Solutions. Timely alerts will be sent to the control centre to notify them of harsh breaking, reckless driving, accident, vehicle theft & other emergency situations for which you need to take immediate and appropriate actions in order to protect your vehicle and to ensure safety of your goods.

Helps you to serve your customers better: 

Customers are your company’s most important stakeholders. You need to understand what makes your customer happy and what annoys them the most. They demand easy access to more information about the services delivered to them. Telematics offers logistics industry the capability to boost business and achieve superior performance, thereby improving customer service.

Fleet Management Solutions will record driver’s arrival and departure time from job site and will provide you the exact time when they begin their work, thereby improving delivery time. Due to emergency situations or inefficient drivers, a task might get delayed than the scheduled time. With Fleet Management solutions you can obtain real-time data on the position of your fleet and the drivers. This will help you provide customers with live updates and status of their goods. Efficient route optimization plays a major role in guiding your fleet to reach on time and your customers will be grateful for your timely and efficient services. Furthermore, Fleet Management solutions will also help you track the condition of your goods at any time while it is being transported to the customer’s destination. This trust factor will help build a solid rapport with your customers and ensure a long-term business relationship with them.

Bridge operational Gaps:

All these four major factors-  more control, cost reduction, improving safety and providing better customer satisfaction- are essential to offer the fleet managers in the Logistics industry a panoramic view of how the fleet and workforce functions. It provides actionable insights to enhance business. The insights obtained can be used effectively to bridge operational gaps and strengthen core areas of business, thereby paving way for growth and revenue.  Embracing telematics and taking full advantage of its features will help the logistics space offer superior customer service and outrun their competitors. Providing premium service to customers can only be possible if logistics firms get insights into end-user needs, understand fleet risks, maintenance and productivity status, staff behaviour and areas of improvement.

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