If it moves, we track it and manage it. we will take care of it.

What is fleet management?

Fleet management refers to the tracking, management, and monitoring of vehicles in connection with a company’s movements and transport activities. For companies involved in transport, location management fulfills various functions including increasing productivity.

What is GPS?

Next we will explain that system essential to location management, GPS. Standing for Global Positioning System, GPS is operated by the United States of America. Simply put, it is a system for measuring one’s current location on the globe. In the past the United States launched around 30 satellites into space for military purposes. Using a receiver to accept signals from a number of these satellites, we are able to determine the current location of a given object. In principle, a signal is received from 3 or more satellites and by calculating the distance from each satellite we can then determine the receiver’s location. full How it works? GPS is utilized in aviation, shipping, transportation, crime prevention, the military, and various other fields. In recent years, it is also commonly found in car navigation systems, cellular phones, laptops, radar detectors, and other devices used in everyday life.



jpcomingsoon2 e1401906509681 How it works? InfoTrack solution focuses on monitoring vehicles mainly for logistics operations. In order to address any issues that may arise, it tracks vehicle movement in real-time and issues various reports showing details of the driver’s driving behavior.


jpcomingsoon1 How it works? The InfoDispatch system provides automated trip reservations and dispatch solutions. It automatically and efficiently dispatches vehicles to different places and supports call center operations.
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