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InfoTrack tracks transport and movement activities of staffs and vehicles, and modernizes
your fleet management. InfoTrack allows you to increase productivity of planning, monitoring and
evaluation of transport operation.

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route management All features

Route Management

InfoTrack allows anyone to easily manage and define routes based on client information unlike the manual planning with a paper and map.

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time schedule All features

Time Schedule

When timeliness is important, InfoTrack assist you to make time table for tasks. Defining time schedule helps you to reduce standby time or empty vehicle traveling.

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geo once All features


Geo-fence defines geographical boundaries. Create geo-fences to monitor entering authorized area or deviation from the pre-defined route.

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real time tracking All features

Real-time Tracking

InfoTrack displays the location of staff and vehicles in real-time on map. Trace path, speed, direction of vehicles as well as alert information can be monitored.

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alert system All features

Alert System

Alerts are sent by SMS or Email for taking the initiative action when required. Alerts are used for monitoring safety, compliance and economy of vehicles and people.

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status All features

Work Status

InfoTrack App allows your staffs to report their work status. By using a smartphone, they can easily change work status by choosing predefined options.

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task allocation All features

Task Allocation

InfoTrack helps you to find idle staffs or vehicles in the area to allocate tasks, and task information will be sent to smartphone or mobile data terminal.

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auto dispatch All features

Automated Dispatching

InfoTrack can automatically handles dispatch requests based on distance, zone, revenue earnings and other criteria. Automated dispatching is often used for taxis and ambulances.

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voice message All features

Voice Messaging

InfoTrack allows you to send voice messages and the auto play feature enables the staffs to check the message while driving.

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history tracking All features

History Tracking

InfoTrack displays interactive traveling data of a specific staffs or vehicle on map including location, planned vs. actual route and time, stop duration alerts and etc.

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daily report All features

Daily Report

InfoTrack generate daily report of staffs to evaluate their performances. It shows you travel history and time stamp, standby duration, driving analysis and more.

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fuel report All features

Fuel Report

With fuel sensor or OBD-2, InfoTrack measures fuel level of your vehicles. Fuel consumption is the key of cost saving, and fuel theft can be detected.

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