Empowering You for Modernized Operation.

InfoTrack Telematics provides a fleet management, web based solutions integrating mobile network and GPS technologies. InfoTrack Telematics’ solutions empower business owners and managers with modernized and more efficient management of staff and vehicle operation in various industries.

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Any Industries.
Any Requirements.

InfoTrack Telematics provides customizable software with a variety of choices for hardware as well as editions for meeting industry or region specific requirements. Mobile Edition is for Android, SE Asia Edition for specific geographic needs, and Professional Edition for advanced management tools.

Grow Your Business into a Smart Operations.

  • Planning

    No more manual planning. Systematically assign hundreds of tasks, and reduce staff's stand-by time or empty vehicle traveling.

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  • Monitoring

    Wondering what drivers and staff are doing? Grasp the current situation of your vehicle and staff by map in real time.

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  • Directing

    Direct drivers and staff for prompt requests and trouble shooting. InfoTrack even handles tasks for you with its automated dispatch system.

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  • Analyzing

    Find out how much money you are wasting every month and how much you can save with our various reports.

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Extend Your Service
with Apps

InfoTrack also works with Android apps. Your customers or end users can find the location of your staff or vehicles with their smartphone. InfoTrack helps you to provide value added services to increase satisfaction.

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