Things to consider while you switch on your telematics partner

Date : 21 Oct 2015

^96C42401F2CA55AFD15C791C9AA02B6C7B1F81A957E4A33DA1^pimgpsh fullsize distr Things to consider while you switch on your telematics partner

Global telematics market is growing exponentially and every fleet business is looking for effective telematics solutions to improve their business. Decision makers look for smarter and innovation feature to fit their business needs. Getting the best out of fleet looks especially challenging. Here are few important factors to consider while you switch on to your new telematics partner.

Define your new requirements:Very first and important thing while you shift your telematics partner is to define your requirements from your new telematics partner. Einstein once quoted ‘’ If I had one hour, I would spend fifty five minutes defining the problem and only five minutes finding the solution.’’ Clearly defining your expectations from your new telematics partner will be the focal point to choose your telematics partner.

Ask for Demonstration before committing: Check the solution prior you finalize the solution. Choose the telematics partner who gives you complete demo of the solution answering all your queries.

Data Accuracy: Accuracy of mapping and data is very important. Real time data on location, vehicle usage, and maintenance records are very important data for the fleet managers to make best use of the fleet which reduces time and save fuel. Choose a system which provides you accurate and consistent useful data to meet your needs.

User Friendly solution: A telematics solutions you choose should have the ability to access easily and manage your data anywhere anytime. To have tracked data is always good, but if you are not able to access data anytime you want to, then you will not be benefited much from the solution you choose. So choose a telematics partner whose solution can be used with just a hand tip.

Focus on delivery features and route optimization features: Look for a telematics partner who has the best delivery and routine optimization features. It’s not easy to manually monitor delivery status and check on the fleet every now and then which consumes lot of time and resources. Outstanding delivery alerts and route optimization are the key capabilities of your fleet business, so look for a telematics provider who will provide you exceptional delivery alert and route optimization features.

Good Customer Service: Good customer service is a very important component of every business. Customer service department should be the wow factor of every organization. Good customer service is based on delivering promises and taking responsibility. Deploy a telematics provider who takes customer service seriously and who offers you fantastic and constant customer service.

Talk to their potential customers using the same solution: Talk to your telematics partners existing customers to know their experience about their solution. Go ahead with the Telematics solution only if the existing customers provides you good reviews about the solution.

Choose company which has a decade of experience: It’s always better to choose a telematics partner who has good reputation and is present in the business for a decade or more.

Cost effective: It doesn’t mean cheaper devices are the best to choose, but choose a partner who gives you the best solution at best rate. In order to choose the best Telematics partner you have to choose the solution which has good quality with good price in order to have sustainability and perform efficiently.

Focus on Buzzers and exceptional reporting: Telematics solution is much more than tracking, so choosing a telematics provider who is efficient in providing you buzzers/alerts and exceptional reporting is very beneficial for your business.

It’s not just one or two things you have to consider while you want to switch on to a new Telematics Partner. Make sure you really get your important aspects to meet your business requirements. It’s time to compare Telematics provider, but make sure you don’t land up with an inefficient provider who will make you invest in another solution sooner than you think. It is vibrant to consider all these above factors while you look for your new telematics partner.

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