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50,000 Vehicles, 16 Countries.

InfoTrack is chosen by international enterprises like HP and Wipro and also various smaller busineses. InfoTrack tracks more than 50,000 vehicles every day in 16 countries, and modenizes their staff and vehicle management as well as sales activities with location information technology.

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One-Stop Shop,
Streamlined Solution.

Infotrack Telematics provides flexible total solutions. With over a decade experience of hardware and sensor integration, InfoTrack supports various GPS devices, smartphons, and sensors for fuel, RFID, temperature sensor and more. InfoTrack fullfills any business requirements by a combination of feature-rich software and variety types of hardware.

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Japanese Navigation Technologies.

In 2013, InfoTrack had a privilege of merging with ZENRIN DataCom. ZENRIN DataCom provides digital map and location identification services via internet including car navigation system, fleet management system and other services to corportate customers and consumers.

What is Fleet Management System?

InfoTrack is a fleet management system for managers to modernize their operations. With a GPS device, mobile network and IT technologies, InfoTracks show you real-time location of staff and vehicles on map.

Suitable, Practical for Your Business.

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Vehicle & Staff Management System

InfoTrack tracks transport and movement activities of staffs and vehicles, and modernizes your fleet management. InfoTrack allows you to increase productivity of planning, monitoring and evaluation of transport operation.

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